Soap is soap…right? NOT! Many of the soaps sold in mass market stores are not soap.  Yes, they will clean your body and make you smell good but what they are made up of is not beneficial for your skin.  Many of the soaps in the mass markets are actually labelled “beauty bars” and that is because by law if they are not soap – true soap only then they can’t be sold as such.  They become a cosmetic and this comes into play when they begin adding other detergents and surfactants in to their cleansing body wash or beauty bar.

Nyah artisan soaps are created in small batches.  They are handcrafted with herbs that are ground to add extra exfoliation and other skin loving benefits.  They are made with quality essential oils and fragrances that don’t contain irritating chemicals.  They are made with skin loving vegetable oils that don’t dry your skin and leave your skin feeling dry and tight.  They are made by hand by someone who wants to educate the consumer about natural soaps and why they are far more superior to bathe with.