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It’s back to school time.

Students are getting ready to head back to college...or go for the first time.

It’s exciting right?

But you’re probably a little worried too.

Will she be happy?

Will she be safe?

Will he eat more than Cheetos...and eat something green? (green jello doesn't count)

Will they shower...and use soap?

Listen...you’ve done what you can to teach them how to be self-sufficient and make good choices.

And I can help you with the fourth worry with the Back to School soap bundle.

Send your college-bound kid off with handmade soap (made with lotsa love) that smells oh so good AND will take care of their skin!

4 bars of soap (and a handy soap saver) in each bundle. Fresh includes Black Amber Linen, Dark Knight, Citrus Sage and Oatmeal & Honey. Essentials includes Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, Wake Up Call, Lemongrass/Lavender and Honey Lavender. Warm and Sweet includes Cranberry Sugar, Toasted Coconut, Oatmeal & Honey and Indianwood Rose. 

Each bar is made with pure natural oils to keep skin healthy.

Choose from aromas that are soothing and calming honey lavender soap when college life gets busy.

Or refreshing and invigorating “wake up call”...when they need a little “motivation.”

You’ll never know for sure if they took a shower… But at least when they do you know they’re clean.