Nyah Beauty Wholesale Partnership

I’m excited to see you here because collaboration in business helps everyone grow!

At Nyah Beauty we honor our partnerships because as you grow your business, we grow ours.

Looking for simple, green skincare? Nyah Beauty handcrafts natural soaps, lotions and scrubs formulated with plant based ingredients.

We make our product fresh in small batches, using ancient crafting techniques and with ingredients you can pronounce!

Together we can inspire self-care in our communities with plant based skincare options free of detergents, phthalates and other potentially irritating ingredients.

Setting up your store with Nyah Beauty products takes just a few minutes.

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We make our partnership together simple and easy.

  • Order online anytime (24/7)
  • Choose products from our entire line
  • See your order history
  • Get early access to specials and new products