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Pre-requisite: Must already have made cold process soap or have taken the Soapmaking Fundamentals Class.

Learn and understand the Hot Process soap making process by making both bar and liquid soap.

Learn to make hand soap, shampoo, body wash and shower gels. They all can be made from liquid soap. This hot process method of making liquid soap will teach you how to make soap using the no paste method. This method allows you to make the soap and dilute it at the same time!! What a time saver!

Understand the different ingredients you can optionally use to make your soaps more fluid in a higher soap concentration and how you can make your soaps thicker if they are too thin. You will take home 16 ounces of liquid soap and 16 ounces of bar soap.

After learning how to make soap with this hot process soap method you will be able to make both bar and liquid soap from scratch.

Special Notes: Bring a strong bag to take our goodies home in.

Please note that registering for the class is confirmation that you read the Class Policies. Contact info: hello@nyahbeauty.com or 973-531-7455