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Ready to be transported to a blissful summer paradise with every shower?

Immerse yourself in the essence of summer with the sweet aroma of ripe strawberries, luscious red fruits, and juicy peach nectar, enhanced by delicate hints of pink rose and jasmine petals. Luxurious vanilla bean and warm sandalwood add depth to this enchanting scent, while clouds musk provides a soft, lingering finish that evokes memories of sun-drenched days.

Our soap is carefully crafted with a blend of olive oil, coconut oil, and sustainable palm oil to cleanse and moisturize your skin. Enriched with shea butter, this soap leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and nourished with every use. Infused with our proprietary fragrance blend and made with distilled water and sodium hydroxide, this soap lathers beautifully to gently cleanse your skin while enveloping you in its irresistible scent.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sustainable Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Fragrance, Titanium Dioxide, Raspberry Seeds and Fragrance