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Looking to take it down after a hard day? Ready to rinse your stress away and have a good nights rest? Our Honey Lavender soap is ready to accept the mission.

Enjoy skin that looks and feels its best! Start your daily skin care regime with the soap you are using.

Formulated to cleanse the skin without robbing it of it’s natural moisturizers, this soap will leave skin feeling fresh and clean. Honey Lavender Soap is carefully formulated to give you softer skin. It's natural glycerin content moisten the skin. With the addition of honey it's an added boost of hydration, a bonus. 

With a gentle and unique formula, this soap is designed to rejuvenate all skin types without the risk of irritation, because we don't use any detergents.

Appropriate for use all over the body, this deeply nourishing soap formula dimishes the appearance of dry dull skin by firming, smoothing and revitalizing.

  • Formulated with plant based oils
  • 4 ounces net wt
  • natural essential oils
  • sustainable packaging
  • sulfate free
  • Jersey made

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, coconut oil, distilled water, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, essential oil, honey and oxide.