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All toners are not created equal.

 Some dry out your skin. Some create breakouts or small red bumps. 

While others have you feel like paying for glorified water because maybe you have dry-ish skin and need more effective ingredients.

A toner is a good addition to your routine to balance your skin and we want your face feeling better using a toner vs not using one at all.

Our Clean Face toner is an herbal infusion of 6 different skin-loving herbs to moisturize and support healthy skin to keep it feeling fresh all day, not dried out and tight.

Plant-based natural ingredients for beautiful skin.

Witch hazel is naturally derived from the witch hazel plant and has been used for promoting skin health.

Lavender, you know the familiar scent. It’s been an all-purpose skincare essential for, well, forever. 

Chamomile soothes, calms, and protects skin from free-radicals.

Calendula is a rave-worthy ingredient and known for it’s benefits in skincare.

Lemon Balm not only has that familiar fresh lemon scent, it calms skin and promotes clean and healthy skin.

Rose, overflowing with vitamins and minerals, boosts healthy skin function and protects against free radicals.

Yarrow promotes healthy circulation for a youthful glow.

Use after washing your face to clean face of any residual dirt. Can also be used to gently remove makeup. Two ounces.

Ingredients: Witch hazel, herbal blend of lavender, chamomile, calendula, lemon balm, rose, yarrow