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Do you find yourself questioning the value of your products and wondering if anyone would buy them at the price you think you should be charging so you lower your price “to make a sale?”

Are you making products, selling them at farmers markets or on the web but don't see the money stay in your bank account?

You know the holidays are around the corner but you are not sure if your products are priced to make bank on the holiday sales?

Could it be that your products are not price right?

Creatives and makers are great at crafting their creations but when it comes to pricing them the question marks appear.

Join me for a self discovery pricing strategy webinar four part series. Each session we will tackle the taboos, the stress and the anxiety of pricing your products and replace them with tools and strategies to price for maximum profits

These tools I still use today when I’m considering if I’m maximizing my profits.

The four week webinar series will help answer your questions regarding pricing:

  • Am I over pricing my products
  • Will my customers purchase from me if I increase my pricing
  • Am I really making a profit
  • How do I factor in the time it takes me to make my product or perform my service
  • Is there an industry base pricing strategy I can use
  • What are some holiday sales strategies I can put into action

These questions and more will be answered during the four week webinar series.

So what can you expect during your four week pricing discovery journey?

- One Hour Weekly Live Webinar with Q & A

- Weekly Actions Steps to help you discover your pricing strategy

- 20 minute laser focused coaching session discussing your individual business pricing challenges

- Replay of the Weekly Webinar in case you miss a session or just want to review the content discussed

- Private Facebook Group to discuss with your fellow classmates during the training and for 30 days after the series ends

Class starts Sunday, October 4, 2019 at 8:00 PM EST held each consecutive Sunday

This class is a webinar. Log in information will be emailed to you 24-48 hours before the class begins.