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Do you sometimes feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when you enter your soap lab? Well it is time to unleash your inner soap chemist and embrace mastering your own soap formulations and harness your creativity.
La Shonda Tyree MAD Soap ScientistYou have made several batches of tried and true soap recipes and now it is your turn to master the art, beauty and chemistry of soapmaking.

During this webinar we will explore:

-The five components to consider with trace. It is more than just getting it to a thick emulsion.
-The fatty acid makeup of soapmaking oils and what outcome they will have on the final soap
-Whether to use lye discount lye or super-fat
-Formulating a balanced recipe and craft your own superior luxurious soap
-What constitutes a slow moving recipe and how to create one
-Why less is more when it comes to soap formulations
-and much, much more

No longer feel out of place as you will be in a safe place to unleash the soapmaking beast that resides within as you!

Once registered you will be sent a link to the virtual class with log in instructions. A handout will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the class start time.

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