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Heavenly. Heavenly.

It’s great going to the spa and getting pampered every once in a while. But an hour (or even a half-day) a few times doesn't feel like enough!

What if you could turn your bathroom into a soothing, relaxing spa every day? Melt away tension in your body when you step into your own personal steam room spa! Yes, that’s right! Create an amazing, aromatherapeutic experience right in your shower.

Turn on the water and toss in your shower steamer. Inhale the steamy aroma and feel the relief and relaxation when your fizzy shower steamer releases its peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils.

Peppermint is such a versatile oil that helps to boost your energy and improve both skin and hair health.

One deep inhale of eucalyptus helps to breathe easier and helps to boost mental clarity.

Keep these handy and have your spa day EVERY. DAY.

Ingredients: baking soda, kaolin clay, Citric acid, menthol crystals, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil.