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So you want to make soap!? 

Not only is it a fun hobby it can also lead into an exciting small business!

But every soapmaker…just like any chemist or scientist…needs to start somewhere.

I don’t think Einstein‘s E=MC2 just popped into his head out of nowhere, do you? (OK maybe that’s not a good example.)

But we all start somewhere.

You may be a total newbie to this, although you’ve wanted to try this forever.

If you have dreams of making 3D soap on a rope, soap with glitter or aromatic soap using essential oils, this easy to process, and not overwhelming class will help you learn the basics.

In this 3-hour beginners class we will go over the essentials you need to start making soap…and you’ll walk out with about 2 pounds of cold process soap (about 8 bars.)

The fundamentals will answer some of the biggest questions like:

  • What goes into soap?
  • Do I have to use lye?
  • What makes soap harden?
  • What’s the difference between cold process, hot process, and melt & pour?

And then…we’ll make soap! Cold and hot process soap!

  • What ingredients you’ll need
  • Basic soapmaking terms
  • Soapmaking safety
  • How to correctly measure ingredients
  • How to prepare soap-making oils
  • How to prepare lye solution - calming the fear (it’s not as dangerous as you think)
  • How to mix your soap batter
  • Learn the step-by-step process to make your first batch of cold process and hot process soap (we’ll talk about the heat transfer method and traditional method too.)
  • How to Troubleshoot your batch - and even how to make all the 'faults' really add to the soap's uniqueness

And when we’re done...

You’ll take home about 2 pounds of soap (equivalent to 8 bars of handcrafted cold process soap and 4 bars of hot process soap.)

We’ll also cover other topics, including resources for supplies and industry websites

AND…you can ask all your questions in this hands-on class.

Registration Includes:

  • Class instruction
  • Class handout
  • Class materials
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Apron